Let Your Inner Animal Out with LEON’s Latest Release “Ritual Cannibalism”

As we discover new ways to improve upon our audio techniques, we tend to find ourselves removing things as often as we add them. For instance, breathing. Breathing cannot be contained in our sterile, overproduced, professional pop recordings. Breathing is also the first thing you’ll notice listening to LEON’s Ritual Cannibalism. This is where you’ll know before a single kick drum that this is a song that will get you moving. This is a song with energy. This song has a primordial nature to it. We can get all of that just from the inclusion of something so many producers fear like the plague.

LEON’s presence as a vocalist is all about matching the energy. He feels the fear for you, but he’s also the one to be afraid of. This sort of roleplay keeps the listener on their toes, though their toes are otherwise occupied dancing to the relatively minimalist beat that boasts strong bass low end and a real sense of moving through structure without falling into bland repetitions. Ritual Cannibalism is about a sense of embracing the dreaded, violent inevitability of a situation. Applying this feeling to a dancefloor is the perfect chance for people to let their inner animal out.

-Paul Weyer

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