Leonie Sherif – Equilibrium

Leonie Sherif admits that she was inspired by the big three M’s of 80’s music, Michael, Mariah and Madonna…as in Jackson, Carey and …well, madonna. And there is a lot in her music which harkens back to that golden age of pop. Not that Equilibrium is in anyway dated, it is anything but, its just that it seems to be built around the same sense of musical drama, an epic popness, this is music with a big personality.

Equilibrium takes that sense of larger than life musicality and renders it into something for the modern pop consumer. Forget the gimmicks, the marketing tricks, the style over substance that many of her rivals employ to hide the fact that they don’t have a particularly strong track, this girl bases her songs on one thing. Confidence. The beats drive hard, the grooves look you in the eye, challenging you not to dance…by the chorus you will be dancing anyway so you might as well just get on with it from the start… and the vocals land powerfully and with intent. Want to relive the heyday of pop with a song that sounds so cutting edge that you could slice diamonds with it? Now you can.

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