Lara Stevens – INDIFFERENT: Distinctively Striking Pop Rock

“INDIFFERENT” is the latest distinctively striking single to be released from US Alt Pop artist Lara Stevens. It may not be your archetypal merging of Pop and Rock, but the beguilingly haunted soundscape holds plenty of ominously artful appeal.

Expect no hint of assimilation in the vocals which layer INDIFFERENT with an almost baroque feel whilst the doom-laden heavy Rock instrumentals carve out atmospheric indulgence.

Lara Stevens’s aural style may not be in demand in the mainstream, but for anyone looking for raw creative expression unhindered by attempts to make their sound as accessible is sure to become enamoured by her bold ingenuity.

Lyrically, there are reminiscences to Radiohead’s iconic hit Creep. But dare I say that Lara Stevens owned her idiosyncrasies in a far more daring way with INDIFFERENT?

You can check out Lara Stevens’ single INDIFFERENT via SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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