Adelamonica Serves Up Vibrant Rhythm with Her Latest Track “Yeah I Know You’re Better Than Me”


Up and coming artist Adelamonica has managed to create plenty of hype around the release of her upcoming single “Yeah I Know You’re Better Than Me” which is is one of the 13 tracks on the  newly released album “Delusions of Grandeur”. The teaser track hit us with a short and sweet 30 seconds of the level of rhythm we will be able to appreciate when the track drops.

The Antigua-born, US-based artist has cooked up a sun-soaked Afro beat storm with the single which sounds worlds apart from her previous releases which were all slightly on the melancholic ballad side. Yet, with Yeah I Know You’re Better Than Me, you really couldn’t ask for more vivid energetic track! One thing that does remain as a constant is Adelamonica’s distinctive vocals, while they may be feeding anthemics instead of pensive emotion into this track, they’re still absolutely unmistakable.

You can check out the teaser for Adelamonica’s upcoming single Yeah I know You’re Better Than Me for yourselves by heading over to her official website where you’ll also be able to check out her previously released tracks.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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