JustMandell – Found Love: R Kelly Meets Calvin Harris

JustMandell is a Pop and R&B from Atlanta, US whose soulful sound is gaining international momentum thanks to his empyreal voice and command of over his vocal capability. He’s undeniably a man of pure, unpolished talent. He can hit highs just as succinctly as the R&B soul legends such as R Kelly with his booming baritone signature style and write lyrics just as seductive and sensual.

The production styling behind the track is a little bit of a giveaway of Mandell’s ranks in the R&B arena. The beat hits a little higher than my general preference, making for painful moments if you listen to the track at high volume. Sadly, the track is over stuffed with chaotically crass synthetic effects, and the mixing criminally steals the focus from Mandell’s voice through the chorus. With a more ambient sound styling I have no doubt that Mandell’s music could be a massive R&B hit. Which is a real shame as the vocals are absolutely flawless. The pop styling over the production is ultimately it’s down fall. That said, the track still creates for an euphoric and upbeat sound which has massive potential as a dancefloor hit!

Check out Mandell’s track Found Love on the SoundCloud link below!


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