John Pagano Band release rocking blues track ‘Trouble on Heels’

There is a famous quote that those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it. But I would add that those who do remember the past are free to take its finest moments, hone and refine them and use them to build bridges into the future. John Pagano and his cohorts do just that.

Let me draw a line connecting the points on a journey, a line connecting West Texas back street bars with smoky Chicago blues clubs of an earlier era, another from a re-emerging East Coast alt-country scene to the open highways heading west. Others joining rock with roots, southern boogie with urban blues, the profound with the profane, the familiar with the exploratory.

Stare at the pattern of the lines for a long time, and then shut your eyes. The stars dancing behind your eyelids is the music of these outstanding musicians. It’s the soundtrack to a road trip, one travelling foot on the floor, top down, beer in hand.

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