Oldmanyoung – 4AM Safari: Eccentrically Melodic, Funk-Deep Alt Indie Folk

Any fans of the eccentricity of Big Thief are sure to appreciate the latest melodically quaint single from the duo Oldmanyoung.

With both artists bringing completely different influences and cultures to their tracks, it would have been more than disappointing if the artists failed to synergistically create textured alchemy which stretches beyond what you’ve head before.

4AM Safari simultaneously feeds you Funk, playfully vibrant Electronica around acoustic organic elements, and lyricism which doesn’t concern itself with painting the world something that it isn’t.

Many artists like to over-romanticise the world with their lyrics, yet, there’s an ominously magnetic pull to 4AM Safari allowing the track to run through with a contemporary feel complete with a sense of realism. There really is no understating just how enamouring this single is as you listen to the woody transcendental rhythms weave around the solid guitar notes in the sporadic yet seamless instrumental arrangement. There’s also plenty to be said for the undiluted charisma which oozes from the vocals.

You can check out Oldmanyoung’s latest single 4AM Safari for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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