John Crossan releases latest single 2 Wheels & 3 Bottles

John Crossan has released his latest single ‘2 Wheels & 3 Bottles’, Soul, Pop and Rock combine for this calming and catchy piece.

Plucking at the guitar strings creating that smooth instrumental, adding in a tap to the strings to create that slight difference in sound, using the acoustic to his advantage and playing it in such a mesmerising way as it combines with the vocals perfectly.

John’s tone is light and tranquil, keeping that same pitch and that same tone, always managing to hit every note in an excellent way, whilst making sure that the instrumentation collides alongside the tone.

John Crossan’s new piece has so much potential, the skills he has on the guitar are insane and you must check this one out.

Listen to John Crossan’s 2 Wheels & 3 Bottles by heading over to YouTube now.

Review by Karley Myall

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