Jake Thomas – Flower Bed: Reticently Rhythmic R&B


This summer has seen no shortage of R&B tracks from up and coming artists, yet Jake Thomas still managed to blow me away with his sun-inspired latest single Flower Bed. Whilst his vocals were charismatically organic and rhythmic to pinpoint accuracy, it was the beat to Flower Bed which absolutely won me over. Instead of going for an archetypal digitally rendered mix, Jake Thomas poured as much emotion into the track with the vocals as he did with the Indie bluesy instrumentals.
To hear the pop and roll of the bass alongside the seamless progressions of the guitar and concordant waves of reverb was enthrallingly cathartic to say the least. The tentative styling and production have you hooked in the narrative of the lyrics and the sentiment is only amplified through the official music video.

You can check out Jake Thomas’ latest single Flower bed for yourselves by heading over to YouTube and treating yourself to the aural/visual pleasure brought to you by the official music video.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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