Facing The Fire: Tris Puri drops courageous debut track to boost our tired minds on dance-pop single ‘Braver’

With a hungry fire in his belly and a motivated bounce to lift us off our gloomy mood, Tris Puri helps us find the way out of the torturous storm with the atmospheric new single all about knowing its your time to fly on ‘Braver‘.

Tris Puri is an indie dance pop/jazz/blues singer-songwriter, music producer and multi-instrumentalist who is based in thriving London, England.

It’s been such an amazing experience writing, and producing this track in my little home studio, with expert guidance from my mentor Ajeet Hellfire Gill.” ~ Tris Puri

With a sensational vocal ability and a mesmerizing soundscape which seems to lead you peacefully into the blue sky above, you feel a certain conviction on this wonderful new single. He wasn’t sure about what the future held but seeks that true freedom no matter what, with a tremendous track here that has you feeling so much stronger.

He has performed live across London, Paris and Berlin and won BBC Introducing’s Song of the Week. After a gigless year, Tris is poised to get back out on the circuit with intimate gigs that will showcase his technical ability as a guitarist and vocalist.” ~ Tris Puri

Braver‘ from the fresh-faced London-based indie dance pop/jazz/blues artist and music producer Tris Puri, is the story about being scared of the new world but still being courageous enough to go for it anyway. You might get burnt or feel like you can’t get over the slippy mountain you seek to conquer, but with that inner desire you can achieve anything.

This is that inspirational track to put on loud when you need to find that lift up to your dreams, as you want to fly like a fleeting bird and see the world.

Stream this fine single to get your mood into the right zone on Spotify and follow him in IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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