Put that mask on: funky.teacher urges us to be safe during this ‘Quarantine’

funky.teacher returns with a real and simple message to his students and to the world; on the new single ‘Quarantine‘.

Stanley Williams aka funky.teacher is an indie singer-songwriter and full-time teacher, who makes music from the heart to help others heal.

Chill, funky and electronic music forged together is the aim and this is music that has all three of these exciting elements, all meshed into a happy classroom of listeners and good grooves that makes you think. Simple advice is often the hardest for some to follow as they seem to know everything sometimes. This is an artist who strives to send out a positive message that is sensible and easy to consume.

With the whole world in home-bound detention for the time being, a song like this is welcome relief as it is catchy and gets the message across quite nicely. His boundless energy and foresight shines through the school hall of life and into our hearts from this genuine multi-skilled musician and full-time teacher.

Quarantine‘ from funky.teacher is a soulful and relevant message from the real school teacher and solo musician. If we could all follow simple advice and not be on different pages, the world would be a much safer place and probably over this horrid pandemic right now.

With a music style that keeps it real, this is an artist who only seeks to promote safety and common sense during these wild times. Just like a proper role model should.

Stream this true message on Spotify and see the story on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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