IzzyG spits fire with irresistible swagger in her RnB Hip-Hop hit, All My Heart

IzzyG, the 24-year-old firebrand from Gateshead, now dominating West London’s music scene, has dropped her latest single ‘All My Heart‘ – a track that doesn’t just push boundaries; it obliterates them. This isn’t your run-of-the-mill RnB track; it’s a gritty, raw, and unapologetic anthem that resonates with the pulse of the streets and anyone who has suffered through the fuckboy era of dating.

From busking the cold corners of Newcastle with sultry covers to crafting this audacious blend of RnB, hip-hop, and soul, IzzyG’s journey is etched into every beat of ‘All My Heart’. Her vocals which spit fire with irresistible swagger, are a fierce mix of rap verses and pop harmonies, are a testament to her versatility.

The track itself is a sonic powerhouse, a slick fusion of snappy trap beats and RnB melodies that hit hard enough to leave a mark. IzzyG’s lyrics are a no-holds-barred exploration of love’s battleground, where vulnerability and strength collide. She’s not playing the game; she’s rewriting the rules, with a voice that carries the echoes of jazz legends and the bite of Nicki Minaj and Cardi B.

Drawing inspiration from the likes of Amy Winehouse and Ella Fitzgerald, IzzyG adds a touch of vintage seduction to her sound. But make no mistake, ‘All My Heart’ is fiercely contemporary. It’s a track that doesn’t just get under your skin; it courses through your veins.

Stream the official music video for All My Heart via YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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