Its Better Than My Enemies: Young Walt Dez walks away from all the drama and ‘Jealousy’

With that knowing look that is drenched all over his all-seeing eyes, Young Walt Dez wonders if his main girls scorned envy will really be the end of him with ‘Jealousy‘.

Young Walt Dez is a youthful New Bedford, Massachusetts-born indie rapper who projects his fresh style onto the world with shrewd confidence and is certainly on the rise currently.

At a young age, Dez started to write raps under the name “NBK”, long before he chose the name Young Walt. It wasn’t until the death of his father, a diehard fan of hip hop legend Nas, that Dez really started to take music and life, more seriously.” ~ Young Walt Dez

After the sad death of his father – you feel that Young Walt Dez had vital time to mourn – which in turn lead to him realizing what he really wanted to do in life. There is an old school respect strewn all over his raps, with his introspective new era style that is truly his own.

Jealousy‘ from the flowing-with-meaning New Bedford, Massachusetts-based indie hip-hop artist Young Walt Dez, shows us a creative man who is slightly worried about what could happen to him – if the two women he currently cares about – join forces to totally destroy him. He carefully ponders his future and takes him to cross the street with both eyes looking around smartly, into a new world that is hopes will turn out alright.

To honor his fathers name and to make something of his life, is all that he really cares about after all.

See this fire new music video on YouTube and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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