Carla J Easton – Wanting What I Can’t Have; Deliciously Droll Pop

This song is so natural and so cool, the visual itself is also a simple colorful video which tends to interpret the message in the song so effortlessly. Just like Lilly Onakuramara of pitch perfect, Carla has this tiny but interesting voice, and the beauty of her vocals come alive each time a sound comes out from her windpipe.

Just as the name implies, ‘Wanting What I Can’t Have’ is a sumptuously diced pop song that draws the border line between two parallel situations, each passing through the eye of the needle.

The song has quite a great beat and visual. The lyrics of the song are normal cool and simple, they pass a distinctive message in the best possible way; which also happens to be another good factor in a well polished song like this one.

While the song might seem simple, it’s a s instant electro pop gem you will have playing time over time.

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