Inez Leon – Summer: Candidly Confessional Summer Pop

There may have been plenty of ‘summer fling anthems’ released his year, but when they resonate with authenticity along with the romanticism, it’s hard not to get drawn into the confessional lyrics and raw, honest human emotion which has been fed into the soundscape.

Which is exactly what you can expect from up and coming R&B Soul Pop artist Inez Leon and her upcoming single “Summer”. Summer may be a time when there’s plenty of expectation to live life to the fullest, yet, for many people, the season brings seasonal emotional havoc which Inez Leon has poignantly expressed in Summer. There’s a fair enough serving of melancholy in Summer, but the track simultaneously offers uplifting energy amplifying the inspiration behind the track which came from wanting to allude to relatable internal conflict.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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