Minneapolis musician A.Patrick is breathlessly brilliant on ‘Never Saw You Again’

Minneapolis musician A.Patrick is breathlessly brilliant on ‘Never Saw You Again‘ and this is a true story about how love can end so quickly.

A.Patrick is a Bedroom producer, vocalist, and pianist based safely indoors from the wild winds of the world in 2020. A new artist who is making a name rather quickly. This is electo-fused chocolate delight to lap up like a hungry kitty cat. The twists and turns are so decadently tremendous, the vivid vocals catch your immediate attention right away and something happens to your body. You get lost in the moment and this is how music heals so nicely. There is true pain here and the path to redemption.

”This is about someone who I did not predict would ever leave my life- but they did. However, in the back of my mind, I always feared it.”- A.Patrick on the new track ‘Never Saw You Again‘ which is a great indie-piano pearl of a track with meaning as things that were so bright before, but now are suddenly dark and empty. The haunting melodies take you beyond what you thought you had heard before and this is a whirlwind of intricate sounds to devour.

Never Saw You Again‘ from A.Patrick is a track that has risen above most. With a 2nd single ‘Time‘ to enjoy on this new release too, we have a new musician to love and cherish. This is that timeless type of music you tell your Grandchildren about.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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