IMMIGRATION UNIT – Sofa Heroes: Indie Rock Meets Futurism

Not all heroes wear capes. Some create engagingly experimental hits such as “Sofa Heroes”.

IMMIGRATION UNIT are a four-piece ensemble who have made it pretty damn impossible to place a genre on their pioneeringly hypnotic sound. With elements of Rock, Electro, Pop and Folk their sound unfolds in a way I can guarantee you won’t have heard the like of before. However, if Mike Patton took a more melodic approach to his soundscapes I can imagine the end result would have some reminiscence to the dynamic style of IMMIGRATION UNIT. With elements of futurism weaved into the mix combined with sporadic crunching guitar riffs the progression of the track is entirely unpredictable. Just how they fused together the sounds so tightly is nothing short of aural alchemy.

You can check out the latest track from IMMIGRATION UNIT by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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