Monique Angele brings back that tender love and much-needed hope on Sing Together on Christmas

As the sleigh bells ring and so many prepare for a special time of year, Monique Angele shines a light on what it all really means for humanity who just need to feel peace for a few hours on Sing Together on Christmas.

Monique Angele is a much-loved Australian/Canadian operatic piano pop singer-songwriter who loves nature and makes memorable songs filled with imagination.

Christmas is a time where we all want to be together, sing together and love one another. Through difficult times we should all try to love one another and care for each other.” ~ Monique Angele

Showing us where the love needs to be in this time of year when many are rather lonely, Monique Angele sings with so much joy and care which shall warm the souls of so many. This is such an incredibly beautiful effort that is a much appreciated entry in 2022.

Sing Together on Christmas from Australian/Canadian operatic piano pop singer-songwriter Monique Angele is one of the more healing entries anyone is ever likely to hear. There is so much supreme class on offer, which is made with true intentions and extraordinary poise.

If we all join hands as one, anything is possible.

Hear this new single on Spotify and see more moves on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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