If Only For This Moment: Autrige Nyemah Dennis looks for that eternal love on Will You Marry Me (Party Mix)

Hearing yes and feeling so much care and love for this special moment, Autrige Nyemah Dennis feels the passion flow through like a stream in the ocean on the romantic wonder that is Will You Marry Me (Party Mix).

Autrige Nyemah Dennis is a Monrovia, Liberia-raised New York-based indie pop singer-songwriter, music producer, writer and owner/senior patent illustrator at ASCADEX.com.

Since 2007, Autrige has worked with many inventors, patent law firms and companies around the world. ASCADEX and Autrige Dennis are highly recommended by leading IP law blogs such as IPWatchdog and media outlets like Verizon News.
Autrige holds one U.S. Utility Patent for a unique product that was illustrated using the same techniques he uses to prepare clients’ drawings.” ~ Autrige Nyemah Dennis

Superb to the core and giving us all so much more to live for, Autrige Nyemah Dennis is the kind of creative soul who is making music for love. Self-produced and brimming with quality, this is a romantic love letter to cherish.

Will You Marry Me (Party Mix) from Monrovia, Liberia-raised New York-based indie pop singer-songwriter Autrige Nyemah Dennis is a stunning soundtrack for all the lovers out there in the world. This is the type of song which will sweep many off their feet, and take us all into a much better world packed with kisses and hope.

Turn this up on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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