‘Hunter Tynan Davis’ sends positive message about growing up with ‘’This High’’

This high I’m chasing won’t let me be / It’s only her these nights that’s got me losing sleep.

A singer-songwriter currently based in Nashville in the USA, ‘Hunter Tynan Davis’ has a great story of suffering, love and hurt, all in one. Right now though, this artist is so grounded and displaying new-found maturity on ‘’This High’’. He has realized that all the partying, drugs and crazy life has ended. He is on the road to success and is grateful for the chance to shine. 

When a knee injury temporarily forced him to the sidelines during his American football career when he was a College, Hunter did some soul-searching… and ultimately made the decision to ditch football in favor of a music career. He switched schools and changed majors, eventually winding up at Tennessee State University in Nashville from where he was in Texas, where he boosted his music education by playing in local blues trios. A fine way to get the ball rolling. 

“I knew I had to make a choice, even at that young age, so I pursued my true calling,” says Hunter. “When I started focusing on songwriting, it was like I was taking over the family business. It was very seamless in its transition.”

Born on the Gulf of Mexico, he spent his earliest days on his maternal grandfather’s shrimp boat on the waters of southeast Texas. A humble start to life and a lesson that has made him so much stronger. He has had to earn his stripes and is now starting to see the results. 

A life for a musician is hard, perhaps Hunter can reach the top and inspire the others that come after him. This Texas/Tennessee artist is going places, perhaps 2021 is his year.

Listen right here on his Facebook link for the track.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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