Home Brew Crew – Rose Tinted Glasses: Undiluted Indie Rock Antagonism

Is it really Rock n’ Roll if every track on your debut album doesn’t have explicit lyrics? Probably not, either way, Home Brew Crew played it safe with their gritty, raw, and honest offering of Garage Rock with their album “HBC”.

Undoubtedly the best introduction to their Punk antagonism is found within the standout single “Rose Tinted Glasses” which is fairly archetypal of the Indie Garage Rock Genre. This means that there’s plenty of accessibility to be found within the single, and you shouldn’t need much persuasion when it comes to adding it to your playlists. The instrumental arrangements are kept classic for the genre, while the vocals carry the perpetually mesmeric Indie Punk drawl and there really is no fault to be found within Home Brew Crew’s style. Any fans of the Strokes, the Kooks, and Arctic Monkeys are sure to appreciate Rose Tinted glasses along with the other single found on their debut 2018 album.

You can check out Home Brew Crew’s single Rose Tinted Glasses for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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