Healing from agony: Mione Million is tremendous on exhilarating new single ‘A Heart Break’

Taken off her recently dropped sixteen track album ‘Get the Message‘, Mione Million is simply excellent on the truly electric portrayal of that sinking feeling of love gone wrong called ‘A Heart Break‘.

The self-confessed neurodivergent soul who sees things more creatively than most, Mione Million is that rare special talent who sings from the heart and tells it straight up. She is a new indie-pop/rock singer-songwriter from London in England, who has only started making music since early 2020.

With clear goals and fiercely independent, self-motivated and passionate style, she is an outstanding talent with a spectacular vocal range, who is only going upwards to grab her dreams and never let go.

Pronounced My-O-Knee, we are transported into a story of love that doesn’t seem to click, as you feel like your now former-lover is on a different planet as you. When drink, power and unrealistic expectations come to the fore, there are bound to be issues even if you don’t want them to be. The toxic energies make a smell that you don’t like and its just time to end it, as you walk away and look back for a second-before smiling to yourself and realizing that you made the right call.

A Heart Break‘ from the sensational London-based singer-songwriter Mione Million, is an emotional roller-coaster ride, that you need to stray into, close your eyes and embrace as you reminisce about when it went wrong and how to make it be better moving forward. She sings with a genuine style that beautifully blends pop and jazz together, like a snug blanket that has a hot water bottle ready for you inside.

Love can be a strange feeling and being with that right person for you is extremely hard and impossible for some. Being with a soul that wants to help you, supports you and to avoid a selfish human that just wants to steal your light, is something to certainly avoid. Being truly happy is the end goal after all.

Hear this incredibly honest track on her Spotify and follow her flourishing music career on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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