Yet Today: Grayston feels a deep wound brewing on the rather fantastic A Vision in My Mind

Recorded at Threecircles Recording Studio in Wimbish, Essex, Grayston has just opened our ears properly again like an otolaryngologist on the rather eloquent release to alleviate pain, A Vision in My Mind.

Grayston is a hugely experienced UK rock band that pulsates with a thunderously created sound and takes us into a much better world through their edgy music creations.

Framework for the song was written in 1997, but lyrics rewritten in early 2023 as a gesture to those going through a life crisis like bereavement, divorce, or tragedy of some nature.” ~ Grayston

Guiding us through the troubles and guiding us to a happy heart, Grayston are the kind of underground legend who exits music venues with fans sweating in delight after each performance.

With a vivid vision and so much to relate to, this is a hugely impressive performance to swim deeper into when the cold waters try and flush all the goodness away like a wicked vacuum cleaner.

A Vision in My Mind from UK rockers Grayston is an enlightening experience for the betterment of many who are going through tough times. In a challenging world, this is an example of what is possible through the power of quality music.

Sung with a ferociously passionate vocal delivery, we are fed so many soulful tidbits to learn from for the next time we fall.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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