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No Stress: Excellent Essex singer Faith Louise lives life to the fullest on ‘Summer Fun’

Recently signed to Regent Street Records and produced by the highly regarded Ashea at SAFO MusicFaith Louise brings her loyal friends along for the ride of a lifetime on her latest stir-the-soul single ‘Summer Fun‘.

Faith Louise is a sixteen-years-young pop artist, tea enthusiast and actor from Clacton-on-Sea, Essex in the UK.

A cup of tea makes everything better.” ~ Faith Louise

This is the story of going for the groove in your heart as the wind takes you places to see what’s out there, as you look for the sunrise and have that joyous time you have been missing. With a party vibe entrenched all over this fantastic single with so much bounce, this is the track to get you in the mood to have some fun again. Enjoying the moment before it ends, is the way to stay alive in this often darkly-lit cold world after all.

As a massive KPop, 90s, Club and Pop music fan, her new original releases will show you her own take on her love of this style of music.” ~ Faith Louise

Summer Fun‘ from the youthful Clacton-on-Sea, Essex pop singer-songwriter Faith Louise, is a breathtaking-beat packed track that has you remembering those exciting days with your close mates. With glorious vocals from a sensational singer who is on top form here – as each word sung makes you smile fondly – this is the type of single to put you into a good mood, no matter what else is going on in your life.

Hear this new single on Spotify and see more on the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

What’s Fake Or Real: Formidable Essex emcee Untold Poet shows us the two sides of the coin on ‘Harvey Dent’

Whilst confidently flushing away the trashy fake noise and opening the willing sink to unleash more realness on the awaiting world, Untold Poet flips the switch just right with his explosive new single about finding that truth to set you free again on ‘Harvey Dent‘.

Untold Poet is a superb Essex, UK-based rapper and singer-songwriter, who was formerly the lead of New Subjects. Now fully on the solo trail as he finds his way, he stomps in to shake our attention with a thoughtful edge.

He raps with such an impressive fluidity as he attempts to chase away that demon who is attempting to block his view. Untold Poet flows with such supreme skills and drops the bars with impressive power and consistency.

This is story about learning who to trust in this sneaky world, that can kick you down like a rugged Sunday league defender at any second. You look for the truth as you feel that things are in a bit of a blur within your eyesight — as you seek that real authenticity and might be lost for now. You know in your scout compass where to go and are just looking for the elusive keys who are playing hide-and-go-seek, so you may unlock the right door to freedom forever.

Harvey Dent‘ from the high caliber UK emcee Untold Poet, brings us an anxious soul who is feeling the walls closing in, as he looks in between to see which way he wants to go. The world can be a mix of truths and lies, so which road you turn to can define you so quickly — if you unwisely choose the wrong path — that is filled with treacherous undesirables.

Stream this top new single on Spotify and see more news on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

You are enough: Daneka drops intriguing debut about love and heartbreak on ‘She’s Never Been’

Through her thought-provoking lens of previous pain during her tough upbringing and seeing things a young girl shouldn’t, the inspiring Daneka tells us the true story of loving a man who is taken, while also sticking up for the unique ladies out there on promising debut ‘She’s Never Been’.

Daneka Ackhavong aka Daneka, is a Essex-born indie RnB/soul/pop singer-songwriter, who draws on her own real experiences that made her grow up quicker than she should, and uses her meaningful creations to help herself heal, whilst also assisting others who share her story.

She sings with such maturing glow and you can feel the true passion in her voice, her life was hard growing up and she was exposed to and did things she shouldn’t have been able to. She is now flying above all of that now however, to fully flourish and open her wings, as an emerging musician with bundles of talent and a determination like no other.

The story of loving a man who is with someone else is clear to see, as she tries to hide her feelings but can’t, as we hear about how some women are told that they aren’t pretty enough thanks to fake photo shopped fashion magazines, however they really are so gorgeous and desirable by just being themselves.

She’s Never Been’ from Southend On Sea, Essex-born Daneka, is a fantastic debut from a talented female artist, as she finds that inner confidence to tell her story without fear of being judged, in this often quick-comment world that is fast to hate, and too slow to fully love for the right reasons.

Hear this wonderful debut track on Spotify and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Don’t pull me out: Pilot Run take on the monsters in ‘Haunted Head’

Pilot Run are back with some of that old school heavy bass guitar riff excellence, via their new single ‘Haunted Head‘.

Three-piece Colchester, Essex-based indie alt-rock band Pilot Run, came back from the darkness, to fly up above the cheering crowds once again.

Bruce, Craig and Matt all knew each other from years of playing in different band together and after a few years apart, they fused together again like they had never left each other’s side. They play that electric heavy-in-you-face (but never too much) type of marauding music-that flows into your veins and pumps the the blood thick and chunky-like a kick-drum start to rev up that eager engine.

This is that true story of waking up each day to the dead and not wanting to get pulled out of bed, to the unnecessary madness going on outside. The world is a scary place and its better to stay hidden away for now, until things calm down a bit and its safe again.

With a grungy punk feel that only adds to the incredibly hard sound that knocks your head into place after hearing so much plastic music with no core lately, this is a wake-up call if there ever was one. An anthem to the lost who need to be found, this is a proper band that have the heart and soul of a hungry lion, who roars into action when needed to take on the scary monsters in the world.

Haunted Head‘ from Essex three-piece alt-rockers Pilot Run, is that quality music that you knew you needed as something was missing. They put a guitar stamp on your mind and this is one of the most exciting releases yet in 2021.

Hear this brilliant single on Soundcloud and support their journey on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

That special attraction: Rising star Faith Louise sends our hearts in a spin with ‘What I Need’

Faith Louise sings like an glorious young angel who knows what she wants, on her latest dance floor grooving new single called ‘What I Need‘.

Clacton-on-Sea, Essex-based 15 year old indie-pop singer-songwriter Faith Louise, sends us a modern sonic sound transporter for the ages and despite her young age, she lights up the gloomy day and brings you back to the good times.

With a spectacular voice, she dazzles your mind and makes you feel like you have wings again on this feel-good 90’s infused dance track. Recorded with Faith’s producer Ashea at SAFO Music Group in London, you just know that this is something special for your senses to lather inside and hold onto tight.

“Even if it is for three minutes, I hope it gives people something they can enjoy and love as much as I do.”-Faith Louise

This is the story of wanting him to look at you deeply, grab your hand and spark a conversation to see what happens next. You are craving that true love and you want to share your life, hopes and fears with him, to see if this is something that will last. After a long and tiresome lock down, this is what you want and need.

She sings with such maturity and has a phenomenal voice that seems to get better as the song goes on, the glow is radiant and you can’t help but sing with her and stomp your feet to this electric beat that highly impresses.

What I Need‘ from Essex’s Faith Louise is a stunning song that shows us a future star who seems humble and self-aware, as she has that extra special pure voice that seems so effortlessly pure, and takes you to a happy place on the clouds up above.

When you have been lonely for so long and catch the eye of someone you fancy too, sparks go off like fireworks and then its time to see if they are a match or a ditch. When you know what you want, finding the elusive partner seems to come so much easier.

Hear her wonderful voice shining through brightly on Spotify and see more about her on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Inspiring us through the current struggle: UK singer-songwriter Joseph Morris returns with the excellent call to support each other on ‘We’ (ft. Ironik)

Essex based Pop singer-songwriter Joseph Morris returns with his new single called ‘We’ and brings us hope in this time of need around the world. He features the quality verses of the legendary UK emcee Ironik on this track to help spread this unifying message through these dark times.

His voice bears the scars but he holds it together so admirably. The smooth vocals are such a pleasure to hear as the cold ears warm up like a hot fire burning brightly. This is singer has such soul and who makes music that actually means something. His tone is so incredible and each note seems so effortlessly delivered.

The raps are world class and the signature UK style is a blessing to this crazy year. No longer do British emcee’s look up to the rappers over the seas in the US, the opposite is true these days.

This is the passionate call to keep on trying and keeping those close to you, extra close right now. The world is wild like a raging fire right now but soon, we will be all laughing and actually enjoying life like we should. Right now we are losing but will win again if we stay united.

We’ (ft. Ironik) from Chelmsford singer songwriter Joseph Morris is a treat for the battered soul that has taken too many dust storms to the face in 2020. With a classy style, this is a track that will end up being timeless and surely in a movie or two.

Support these two quality artists on Spotify and catch Joseph on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Ride the New Wave Indie tides in Pretty Visitors’ single ‘Hollywood Tantrum’

From the first jangly tonally tropic note in Pretty Visitors latest single ‘Hollywood Tantrum’ which features on their AA release alongside ‘I Think My Life is Working Out’ you’ll instantly feel the endearing warmth which raises the temperature in the New Wave Indie Pop hit.

With a nuanced Jazz infusion, Hollywood Tantrum exceeds every expectation you have when delving into a new artist’s sound. Authenticity, check. Rhythmic magnetism, check. Soulfully-expressive lyrics, check. It may be a sticky-sweet track, but it was never in danger of resonating as saccharine thanks to the hint of vocal despondence which ensured that every hint of euphoria you feel is grounded in gritty reality.

The Essex-based trailblazers are undoubtedly one to watch.

You can check out the AA release via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Glenn Godfrey sings with loving memories on ‘I Wish’ (Official Lyric Video)

UK artist Glenn Godfrey sings with loving memories on ‘I Wish‘ (Official Lyric Video) and this is a fine song from a caring singer with a strong voice. He makes music in honor of his late Dad, his biggest fan and this is a top single with meaning.

A singer-songwriter from Essex, who has had the privilege of performing alongside some great artists such as, Tom Odell, Professor Green, Devlin, Mark Ronson and The Fratellis, Glenn is building up his name in the UK music scene.

You love them so much and things are great. Then you get the call that you had been dreading. Things are going to be different now and you wish that things were so different. Life will be harder but you must be strong and do what you love. Making music will keep you strong.

Glenn Godfrey is terrific on ‘I Wish‘ (Official Lyric Video) as this is a difficult topic to deal with. This is a lovely indie song with lots of layers full of wonderful vocals and the delivery is flawless. A fine effort indeed from the UK singer.

Click here for the YouTube page.

Here is the Facebook link.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Jazzy-soul delights with Georgia & The Vintage Youth on fantastic ”Heavy Eyes”

Proudly Essex and packed full of jazzy infused waterfalls of goodness, Georgia & The Vintage Youth dance in with their new punchy track called ”Heavy Eyes”.

Georgia and her retro-pop band “The Vintage Youth” have established quite a reputation in London and are looking for more. When gigs are available again, they will certainly be aiming to tour far and wide. After a 50 date support tour in 2019, this is an artist that is pushing to be at the top.

After being signed to top UK management company, TALENTBANQ and heading into the studio to record her new EP – ”Overthinker”, big things are happening. Her Team now in place, this frees Georgia up to fully focus and making music and making sure the band’s dynamics are on point.

Taken off the brand new EP also called ”Heavy Eyes” with ”Thick As Thieves” and ”You + I”, all three of these songs are filled with so much soul. The style is filled with retro, pop, jazz and soul. The mixture is of vintage and fresh new sounds emerging from the beautiful big blonde hair and big voiced Georgia who holds her tone expertly the whole way though.

Heavy Eyes” is a sterling effort from Georgia & The Vintage Youth who get the vibe just right and this is music to be listened with friends and family all evening. With a big future ahead, exciting times await this quality UK act. Be sure to catch the music video that is to be release very soon too.

Stream this quality new song on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

A modern and commercial pop hit: The Vision’s ‘Right Now’

Up and coming 3-piece Essex band The Vision drop their new song Right Now, a modern and commercial pop hit that wins its place among major artists’ latest singles.

The upbeat tempo adorned by claps and dense synths widens the harmony without overfilling the structure, and produces some good dance vibes you can’t help but enjoy within the very first minute.

Beautiful pop vocals sing about diversity and acceptance, concepts we’re all sensitive to, while the seriousness of the theme provides a great contrast with the easiness of the music – all for a contagiously fresh outcome.

The Vision’s commercial style handprint must not be taken for granted, so give them some credit by listening to Right Now on Youtube.

Review by Jim Esposito.