Gonna Get This Moola: Newport Coast rapper Yvng Rula shows us his growing brilliance on ‘Marvelous Sight’


As he sweeps off the doubters who don’t want him to succeed at all, Yvng Rula sounds like he is in imperious jet-setting form with his on-the-way-up new single filled with ice and shows called ‘Marvelous Sight‘.

Yvng Rula aka Rickdarula aka Ricky Russellis, is a Newport Coast, California-based indie hip-hop artist with huge dreams and a prosperous style that makes you stop in your tracks.

With an almost Mac Miller type flow that has you positively spellbound, Yvng Rula shows us his excellent delivery that is crisp and filled with smartly-penned lyrics of a higher standard than most. He speedily grabs your awareness and weaves in skillfully, conquering the moment – and taking you into his well-constructed message – of just going for it no matter what others say or do to slow him down.

Marvelous Sight‘ from the Newport Coast, California-based indie rapper Yvng Rula, shreds the mic off its delicate joints and is at his top-shelf promising best with a splendid effort that will perk the ears of many. He seems to occupy a really vivid storyteller talent that only the best have, as he splits the bars down to devastating effect. This is his statement track and one that shows us his growing influence – as he rises up a few notches in this heavily crowded rap world – that needs a fresh new voice to guide the youth in this overly complex world.

Hear this striking new single on Soundcloud and follow his next moves on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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