Get in harmony with your soul through Skydivers’ indie pop kaleidoscope of 60s hues, Maybe I Can

Slip into the cradle of nostalgia with the latest single, Maybe I Can, from the Boone, NC-based studio project, Skydivers. The tenderly melodic kaleidoscope of 60s hues embody the colour and soul of the Beatles and the Kinks, filtered through a nuancedly modernised indie pop lens.

Hit play and cruise with the shimmering guitars, groove with the intuitively clever percussion, and find nirvana with the ascending keys which defy gravity as they sway through the production beneath the honey-timbered vocal lines as they exude a blissful state of care-free indecision.

In the frantic pace of our era, singles in the vein of Maybe I Can, which give permission to get in harmony with your own soul and slow down should be on everyone’s playlists. The sublime ease of the progressions is an efficacious sonic visualisation of the emotional themes which underpin this superlative release.

Maybe I Can was officially released on March 29; stream the single on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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