FYB Frank ft Kino ‘Why’: Experimental rap single

Rapper FYB Frank featuring Kino dropped his new single ‘’Why’’ and to go with it was a music video by Famous Motion Film and Photography.

The duo both have different vocal ranges but they intertwine well together. FYB Franks are a lot more high-pitched and energetic and Kino’s tend to be a lot lower. This is a key aspect of why this track works because it does not all sound the same, the two voices blend in well with the fast tempo and the overall Hip-hop sound.

It has this wild energy about it, that you really feel when you listen through and the vocals and instrumentals add to that to make you want to listen.

You can check out FYB Frank ft Kinos new single Why and the music video by heading over to YouTube.

Review by Karley Myall

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