Full Of Emotion: IBK rains down with deep-rooted poetic single ‘These Tears’

As he writes the stories down to help him drift away from the blustery wind that has blown him away from the right road of life, IBK brings us the very reflective new single all about ‘These Tears‘.

Ibukun Araoye aka IBK, is a highly motivated Nigerian indie electronic/hip-hop musician/poet, musicology minor degree graduate and producer, who lathers in his love for music from when he was very little, to his passion of having his music played all over the world now, to inspire others through their troubles.

”A medical doctor by training – with a neuroscience background -, I truly believe in the power of music as medicine”. – IBK

He sings and speaks with such grace and compassion, as he has seen what music can do to those who need it most. His message is one of peace and understanding, in a world that needs more common sense as other issues have made so many forget about those who need help right now.

These Tears‘ from Nigerian producer/musician/poet IBK, is that smartly constructed single that has so much layers that you sink your mind inside like taking a warm bubble bath, the feeling is so comforting that you never want to get out. This is the type of music to heal with, so that you may become stronger and wash away all that fear and self-doubt that consumes you down into the dumps of no return. Visualizing what you need to do, is the only way to succeed in this complex world.

Stream this intriguing new single on Soundcloud and follow his creations on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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