From sprinting to music: F17 speeds in quick with ‘Track On Drill’ (ft. TeeOnly)

Fred Afrifa aka F17 is in full flight and you can see the passion he has for the next step of his life on new release ‘Track On Drill‘ (ft. TeeOnly).

Blending Italian and British styles, the South London/Italy native singer/athlete tears up the mic on this impressive outing from the multi-talented creative.

The rap delivery is sharp and quick-witted with both of these motivated emcee’s showing their spectacular skills. With a few languages included, this is a true international song that is so catchy and sees the two stars flowing it hard on the athletics track via the music video.

The self-motivational message is clear for all to see and the extra effort needed to be at the top. Sports and music have always been closely linked and its refreshing to see this translated in a proper music video, of such high quality.

Track On Drill‘ (ft. TeeOnly) from international sprinter/emcee F17 is a motivating song about how you can achieve your goals if you put the effort in. Others might be blazing and chasing girls, while the right way is to get that lactic acid burning by running a few 300’s and by keeping that lazer focus lit.

In life, if you want to get that gold medal, you need to put the hard work in each day, otherwise its all talk and no action.

Get out the starting blocks on YouTube and see what happens next on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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