From sadness comes healing: Folga graces us with the exquisitely intimate transformation on debut ‘Moon’

After dealing with a traumatically emotional moment in her life that caused her to rethink things, Folga has emerged a strong woman with renewed purpose and insight on her outstanding debut single called ‘Moon‘.

Olga Kozmanidze aka Folga, is an enchantingly pure Urals, Russia-born, Berlin, Germany-based, organic-electronica singer-songwriter and performance/sound artist, who sings masterfully through her past experiences that have ultimately enlightened her imagination.

”I summoned this song while passing through an identity crisis some years ago and it kept me company while I was lingering in this limbo state. The song emerged with an insight, it revealed something I needed to learn from this difficult experience.”- Folga

Produced by the wonderfully talented Constantine Chistiakov, you feel like you are in an alternative universe here through the sound, your body and ever-replenishing soul.

Her captivating voice is so mysteriously wrapped in beauty, you feel each glorious note on this incredible song that is genre-bending.

She is revealing ourselves slowly and bringing forth her stunning creation that has been manifesting for so long, she looks ready to show her whole face and allow herself to be vulnerable, as the scars heal over time to make her a warrior princess who will never be broken again.

Moon‘ from Berlin’s world class talent Folga, gives you a new perspective as you glow again from troubled times, to rise above it all and look forward to new possibilities, never to return to the darkness that consumed you for so long.

See the video on YouTube or Immerse yourself here on Soundcloud and see her rise on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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