Courtney Moore Releases Her Latest R&B Pop Single “Spitefool”

“Spitefool” is the recently released genre-mashing single from up and coming Indie R&B Pop artist Courtney Moore. The uniquely soulful single has found the perfect balance of EDM, Trap, Soul, Pop, and Jazz which allows Courtney Moore’s sound to boast a distinctive feel.

There’s a powerfully confrontational vibe behind Spitefool which is going to provide plenty of catharsis to anyone experiencing the frustrative feeling of being taken for a fool. As much as we appreciated the empowering hit, the rough production on Spitefool slightly hindered the resonance. But it’s safe to say that Courtney Moore has the lyrical flair, vocal talent, and pioneering experimentalism which will see her go far in her career.

You can check out Courtney Moore’s single Spitefool for yourselves by heading over to YouTube now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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