FLEUR ROUGE drops powerful single Growing Pains

Singer/songwriter FLEUR ROUGE has released her single ‘Growing Pains’ infusing the Pop sound to complete this mesmerising and vibrant piece.

Telling an honest story through the meaningful lyrics, adding in that calming sound of the plucks of the strings on the guitar, combining that upbeat high energy melody that flows throughout.

This piece is one of them that will constantly be stuck in your head and played on repeat, the upbeat melody that collides alongside the incredible vocals it’s what makes this piece one to listen too.

FLEUR has this modulated vocal, with this smooth texture tending to reach out to hit the high notes but does it perfectly. When she sings she gives it this more powerful and lively energy as you listen through her uplifting vocals and meaningful lyrics that she portrays throughout.

Check out FLEUR ROUGE’s Growing Pains by heading on over to Spotify now.

Review by Karley Myall

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