Yacobucci brings us a summer house anthem with ‘Runaway’

Yacobucci brings us house party jam ‘Runaway‘ that has some incredible vocals and a sumptuous beat.

Camden Owen Yacobucci, better known as Yacobucci, is an American who is from Akron in Ohio, USA. Now based in LA to fully get the music exposure his art deserves, this is an artist who will do what it takes to be successful. Whatever it takes is the mantra here, going for what he loves. He wants to know that he gave it his best shot.

Sometimes you just have to runaway, even for a little bit just to be free, You love so much and want to be happy but only with this person. You are best friends and always have each others back.

This is a wonderful house track that builds and builds, you feel the beat so much in your bones and this is such an intriguing song. This is a party song that would be playing live right now in clubs all over the world but sadly due to covid, that is not happening.

Runaway‘ from Yacobucci is that fine summer wine by the pool, there is enough ice and sunshine for everyone. This is such a great song that grabs you by the heart and puts a smile on your face.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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