Finding the one: Grant Nesmith only has ‘Dreams Of The Coast’ on soul-filling new indie-rock single

Grant Nesmith has just finished waxing his latest 11-track album called ‘Dreams Of The Coast‘, and enters the ocean of our minds with the lead single of the same name, that makes you feel happy and mellow inside your deepest soul.

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina-based indie surf-rock solo singer-songwriter Grant Nesmith, brings his wildest dreams to our welcoming reality, with a sun-kissed track that rides the barrel inside that hollow wave and comes out smiling from ear to ear. He makes that easygoing type of acoustic music that your whole family loves, as he sings with such smooth energy that transmits only peace and love into our lives.

This is the story about catching that wave that you have been imagining all week long. Its about the time spent in the ocean as you drift into natures beauty, respecting it all and chasing that perfect ten that is ever-elusive. Looking for the once is a life-long pursuit, that you only understand when its you and the ocean, face to face.

Dreams Of The Coast‘ from the mellow Myrtle Beach, USA singer-songwriter Grant Nesmith, is the perfect tonic to those missing the ocean or needing inspiration again after a dark and gloomy year. He sings with that genuine joy in his voice and you can tell that he performs with only true intentions in place.

Daydreaming about your purest passions and joys within, is the only way to truly be happy. Actually putting them into action and doing what you love, is the next step to ultimately fulfilling those passions to levels that you can’t even fathom yet, until you actually do them.

Stream this wave-crashing track on Spotify and see more surf vibes on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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