Fade Away: Amanthi Beam helps us remember the precious moments of innocence on Mama

Inspired by her daughter and glistening with joy on this gorgeous single which helps everyone who has felt rather low in this savage climate, Amanthi Beam transmits the purest form of music possible on the sure-fire must-listen for a lost generation on Mama.

Amanthi Beam is an emerging multi-instrumentalist and electronic music producer who is on a mission to do what she loves and stay in a healthy mindset despite the worries of the world.

I’ve struggled a lot with depression and suicide as a teen. I consider myself very lucky to be alive still.” ~ Amanthi Beam

Taking us on a majestic voyage and illuminating through the darkness, Amanthi Beam is quite extraordinary inside this excellent song which will make many sad hearts smile again. Delighting throughout, this is a tremendous song to praise for its core beauty.

Mama from multi-instrumentalist and electronic music producer Amanthi Beam is a total gem which deserves as much love as possible. Hurtling us through the galaxy and sending us a massive lift into a happier place, we find a tremendously precise single to play on loud.

Listen up on YouTube.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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