Emanuele Tozzi sends us back in time on the joyful Cristina’s world

With silky skills which are rather easy-to-hear, Emanuele Tozzi trains our ears on the real prize that is the quality single to be inspired by called Cristina’s world.

Emanuele Tozzi is an Abruzzo, Italy-born New York-based indie jazz composer who studied at Scuola Civica di Jazz in Milano and is known as one of the underground legends in the local music scene.

In addition to his musical skills, Emanuele holds a Law degree, an LL.M, and a Diploma of Sommelier. He completed two New York marathons and two New York Triathlons.” ~ Emanuele Tozzi

Showcasing his marvellous skills for the world to find true peace inside, Emanuele Tozzi sends a shiver down the spine with a precise performance, which is such a blessing to hear in this inhospitable world.

Cristina’s world from Abruzzo, Italy-born New York-based indie jazz composer Emanuele Tozzi is such a magnificent song which will heal the ears of so many. Smooth in texture and brimming with a harmonious nature, this is exactly the kind of song the world needs more of.

Listen up on Spotify and see more info on his website here.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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