Dremon Releases Official Video For ‘Gravity’

Rap is an art in itself, but hip hop is a world of diversity and connection to countless other subgenres. Dremon knows just how to tilt into influences like euro-house and trance, only to spring back with hip hop gold. Such is the case of Gravity. Gravity’s got a bassline that sounds vintage but modern. It’s got a beat that can act as backdrop for a rap verse or be exploited by DJs to get a club moving. Remix artists, this is someone you should be following.

Dremon approaches Gravity with no nonsense. There’s confidence and some direct themes in the lyrics that portray someone who’s not worried about the track. This helps the overall song achieve greater heights. Gravity feels unrestrained and that’s something that can lighten the mood in so many situations. This is a song to have in your repertoire when you need to put that smirk on and face conflict head-on. Dremon is an artist with a personality that’s inviting and enigmatic; a combination that we don’t see too often anymore. This isn’t someone you’d be too intimidated to talk to; it’s someone who you’d want to invite you over. More so, he sounds like someone who might just do so.

-Paul Weyer

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