Having the right mindset: Emerger guide us through the smoke of 2020 with ‘State of Mind’

The alt-pop pureness from Cape Town duo dreamers Emerger is exactly what we need to stay sane during these apocalyptic times. The squawking birds flutter around with more confidence as they can feel the earth healing from the less smoke and pollution in the sky. The calming but chilly waves offer a peaceful environment to reflect on these unimaginable times in the world, as quarantine has us all feeling like lab rats in a science experiment gone wrong.

Her voice is elegantly enticing enough to dare us to daydream again, while the natural production adds a layer of escapism from the current affairs that can consume your mind to unearth unhealthy levels of anxiously. The combination of the vastly beautiful visuals and sonically stunning soundscapes, make this exhilarating new single a mood changing experience of pleasurable proportions.

The dazzling and always well-dressed duo have been performing and recording music for many years after meeting while studying music at the University of Cape Town in South Africa. Their vision and passions are forever interlocked and it feels like they take a step up each time I listen to their wonderful creations. Their humble nature only makes them more likable as in a world full of too many flashy fakes and petty posers, their dreamy alt-pop music only calms the heart rate to help you feel encouraged and brave enough to face the wild world again.

Being in the correct frame of mind is so tough right now if you don’t have a strong support system to stay positive. Luckily, we have the recently engaged Emma De Goede & Gerry Matthee from Cape Town’s Emerger to show us the way to the beach with a smile and a deliciously created beat to make us all remember how to blush again.

State of Mind’ teaches us that everything is going to be okay again and we all need to stay positive as love and groovy music can exist, if you want it enough deep inside your soul.

See the visuals here on YouTube and follow their music journey on Facebook and IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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