Dons Skiffle – G.Z.K.: Ambiently Experimental Lo-Fi Indie

“G.Z.K.” is the standout genre-transcending single found on Manchester-based Lo-Fi artist Dons Skiffle’s second album “Supermac Odyssey”.

Anyone with a penchant for music orchestrated by expressively creative artists who possess a perceptible ingenuity when it comes to pulling together pools of aural catharsis, Dons Skiffle is well worth putting on your radar. G.Z.K. may be a home recording, but the only audible sign is the intimacy which has been brought into the raw and candid tone of the single.

The spacey ambient mix lets quaint and tender synth notes take the lead through the smorgasbord of concordant effects which come together to create the perfect platform for Dons Skiffle’s softly unimposing vocals.

Experimentalism may run rampantly through G.Z.K. but through the solid snappy melodies, it is all too easy to get hooked into the hazy soundscape.

You can check out G.Z.K. along with the rest of Dons Skiffle’s album by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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