A&R Factory Present: Kiri

Kiri is a female producer / artist originally from Hong Kong, who studied at Berklee College of Music. Her previous releases include “Twenty-something”, the Remix of “Twenty-something” by Lucian which was streamed more than 1M times across Souncloud/Spotify and Youtube and reached Hypem #2 last year.

Kiri says

“I love songwriting, making beats and messing with synths and sounds. I’m currently living in Brooklyn NY, but floating between the US and HK all the time.  Often times I find myself fighting against the anxious feeling inside of me while everybody told me I’ll be fine, but the voices inside my head are hard to kill. So I decided to write a song about wanting to be free from all those voices. It got me thinking about how I’d talk to somebody who’s depressed/suffering from anxiety… If this song is fortunate enough to be able to reach these people, I hope they’d get the message ‘I feel you’. I love how the mix turned out, Matthew (mixing engineer at Germano Studios) really brought the best out of my vocals and the sounds I produced”

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