Dig your way into a dystopic landscape with the dark hazy beats in Snakes of Russia’s single, Tunnel

Taken from the original soundtrack from the film, A Brush with Violence, the reworked iteration of Tunnel by the alt-electro producer, Snakes of Russia, is a harbingering descent through droningly dark synth lines and dystopically hazy laments, fed through the unpredictably rhythmic downtempo percussion.

Ambient and arrestingly alluring – to those who find comfort in the obscure – in equal measure, Tunnel is an ambient Avant-Garde work that you will want to burrow into time and time again for the way it paints light tones to cast shadows on the progressions. After all, no tale of horror can be told without holding a candle to humanity and the collective fears that show how precious our mortality is despite our nihilistic inclinations.

Stream Tunnel on Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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