Deully – This Long Road: A Resilient Journey Through Rock and Recovery

Deully, the solo project of the independent Canadian rock virtuoso, Darren Sawrenko, has added to his accoladed discography by releasing his eagerly-awaited latest LP, This Long Road, and this time, his stellar songwriting stripes are bolstered by a lyrical intensity which provides a candour-fuelled exposition on his ongoing battle with mental health and recovery.

Each of the singles on the LP is a reflection of his psyche at the time of writing. The title single is entrenched in the agony and the glimpses of hope of acknowledging that the road to recovery necessitates fortitude and endurance. You can hear every ounce of the resilience mustered to stay on the long road, which is reflected as much through the fiery vocal performance as the visceral rock instrumentals.

The guitars don’t play; they battle cry through the monolithic hard rock production, giving everyone else walking the same, often lonely, road a sense of kinship and determination to keep moving towards the destination of redemption.

With This Long Road LP, Deully isn’t solely battling his own demons, he’s rebelling against the expectations and rock n roll cliches that lead so many down a toxically glamourised self-destructive path. In our book, he couldn’t be more of a rock icon.

This Long Road was officially released on April 12th; stream the single on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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