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The prodigal sons of rock n roll Midnight Miles kicked up dust in their latest liberating hit, Coming On

Midnight Miles

Purveyors of road trip rock n roll, Midnight Miles kicked up plenty of dust in their latest single, Coming On. With vintage tones and crooning blues rock vocals that give The Black Keys a run for their money around the socially conscious lyrics that make no bones about documenting the depths we’ve descended to, getting caught up in this reverently electrifying feat of rock n roll is compulsory.

While the driving backbeat takes control of your rhythmic pulses, the vocals affirm that you’re not alone in thinking that everyone’s gone mad. Everyone’s down with the sickness, but there are few as sonically maniacal as these Montreal-hailing prodigal sons.

The fervidly hot guitar solos that definitively earn the Midnight Miles guitarist a spot in guitar hero history is the perfect remedy. It’s impossible to feel disillusioned while getting caught up in their liberating turbulence. The next time I need a shot of riff-driven serotonin, I know where I’m turning. No review of Coming On could be rave enough.

Coming On will officially release on January 19th. Check it out via Midnight Miles’ website.

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Review by Amelia Vandergast

TD Hutton – Down Howe Sound; a dark and stormy surf rock debut

‘Down Howe Sound’ is the  swaggy, dark surf rock debut from Canadian alt-rock artist TD Hutton, which immerses you in far darker water than what Dick Dale swept you up within. If you can imagine Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds as a surf-rock outfit, you’ll get an idea of the sonic picture drawn in Down Howe Sound that pulls bleak and hostile inspiration from the Pacific Northwest seas.

Between the grumbling garage rock discord, macabre lyrics versed through whiskey-soaked vocals and the gorgeous shimmers of the Gretschy guitars, the track takes a visceral grip from multiple angles, making it impossible not to get caught up in this pornographic feat of surf rock.

Down Howe Sound is now available to stream on SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Rise in Veins take us back to the 00s with their sophomore hard rock single, ‘Pieces’

Canadian hard rock powerhouse Rise in Veins followed on from their phenomenal debut single with the equally as captivating sophomore single ‘Pieces’, it’s a nice nod to early 00s rock, but with the trio’s influences scattered across the alt-rock spectrum, you’re treated to a brand-new experience of sonic veracity.

Pieces is a matured, nuanced evolution from what bands like Bullet for My Valentine and Avenged Sevenfold contributed to the airwaves. With the massive choruses, vocals that are strong enough to pull you into the soul of the single and the mind-bending guitar solos, Rise in Veins have all it takes to become the next big name in hard rock.

Pieces is now available to stream via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Down the Void has cooked up a grungy artful storm with their latest single Electric Beauty featuring Meg Rowen

Toronto-based artist Down the Void has released yet another morosely masterful feat of genre-crumbling Alt Rock with their single “Electric Beauty”.

Fans of Pavement, Fidlar and Dinosaur Jr will definitely want to make time for the release which carries plenty of the trademarks of the Alt 90s style while simultaneously allowing Down the Void to stamp down their own signature sound.

The atmosphere which spills from the tight synergy of the instrumentals can only be described as alchemic while the raw vocals project plenty of rugged soul into the quite literally mesmerising soundscape.

Shimmering tones effervesce in the Grunge-laden Garage hit which will leave you with the compulsion to hit repeat to experience the stunning progressions once more. I can only imagine how mind-altering it would be to witness their sonic deftly-crafted walls of noise live.

Down the Void’s East Coast tour may have been cancelled and the official release of their album may have been postponed, but something tells me that in spite of lockdown, Down the Void’s success is inevitable.

You can check out Electric Beauty for yourselves via Bandcamp.

Review by Amelia Vandergast