Des Wallace taps into the melancholy of 2020 with ‘Weeping Roses’

Lyrically, artists have pretty much said all there is to say when it comes to lockdown musings, but instrumental singles such as Des Wallace’s track, Weeping Rose, from his 2021 EP, ‘A.D.’, poignantly captures emotions evoked during 2020 in his intimate composition.

With the sense of spirituality that flows along with his Avant-Garde progressions, Weeping Roses is as consoling as it is experimental. The minimalism within the production echoes the isolation that we collectively endured as the sharp and clean guitar notes reflect the apathy in the aimless steps that we took each day as we navigated our lives with almost clockwork autonomy. The sporadic blasts of glitchy electronica bring an all too relatable sense of chaos into the mix while never compromising the tender mellifluous feel of Weeping Roses. It is both a shot of catharsis and an extension of connection.

Weeping Roses is now available to stream via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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