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Take a trip with Taipei’s hypnotically Avant-Garde indietronica single, RAD I/O.


Alt indie artist, Taipei, stepped outside of their comfort zone and broke new autonomous ground with their latest electronic art-pop release, RAD I/O, recorded at the Iconic Abbey Road Studios.

The galactically spacey feat of indietronica will officially release on November 26th, bringing with it swathes of hypnotic tonal bliss, and perhaps the most finesse you’ll ever find in autotuned vocals. RAD I/O succeeds in making the single more than the sum of all of its parts while finding intrinsic synergy between the vocals and the dreamy, psych-pop grooves.

RAD I/O is available to purchase on Bandcamp and available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


The Past Ends: Berlin’s Close to Monday know that this is their ‘Time’ (Dirty Doering Remix)

Bringing us a bass-thudding remix from the world famous German techno house wizard, Close to Monday lifts up all clocks nearby and skillfully floats them into a new dimension altogether with ‘Time’ (Dirty Doering Remix).

Close to Monday is an exciting Indietronica-fusion duo who are based within the live music mecca of Berlin, Germany.

Heavily influenced by such huge bands like Depeche Mode and Muse, Close to Monday initially thought their sound would be tagged under the Synthpop and Electronic genres, but after much feedback they released that to limit their music to these alone was too restrictive, it has many, many more levels to it including those of Nu Disco, Indie Dance and Indietronica.” ~ Close to Monday

Featuring scintillating vocal ability that seems to gently bite on your shaking hand without leaving a mark, she takes us on a daydream of ultimate reflection with a simply stunning performance. You feel so engrossed into the marvelous production which has been given an extra boost – that was already rather excellent – to give off a tasty aura that bumps the speakers into the night, in such an effective manner.

Time‘ (Dirty Doering Remix) from the Berlin, Germany-based Indietronica-fusion duo Close to Monday, shows us that we definitely can’t turn the maze-filled experiences of the past into our corner, no matter what supposed superpowers we possess. Each moment we are alive counts to wholeheartedly love and be totally free, in this wild world which can have you changing in a moments notice if you aren’t too careful.

Keeping your eyes on that all-important time without letting it control you too much, is the cunning key to pure enlightenment.

Hear this terrific new single on Spotify and check out their IG music page for more music news.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Des Wallace taps into the melancholy of 2020 with ‘Weeping Roses’

Lyrically, artists have pretty much said all there is to say when it comes to lockdown musings, but instrumental singles such as Des Wallace’s track, Weeping Rose, from his 2021 EP, ‘A.D.’, poignantly captures emotions evoked during 2020 in his intimate composition.

With the sense of spirituality that flows along with his Avant-Garde progressions, Weeping Roses is as consoling as it is experimental. The minimalism within the production echoes the isolation that we collectively endured as the sharp and clean guitar notes reflect the apathy in the aimless steps that we took each day as we navigated our lives with almost clockwork autonomy. The sporadic blasts of glitchy electronica bring an all too relatable sense of chaos into the mix while never compromising the tender mellifluous feel of Weeping Roses. It is both a shot of catharsis and an extension of connection.

Weeping Roses is now available to stream via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

True Being playfully explores futuristic uncertainty in his latest single, Wrong Love Song.

The enigmatic masked artist and producer True Being has released his stickiest earworm yet with the release of ‘Wrong Love Song’. After helping plenty of London’s up and coming artists to find and polish their sound, True Being finally made his debut in 2020 with the release of ‘What’s Going On’.

His solo work draws from the theme of futuristic uncertainty but instead of adding to the hysteria, True Being utilises his sardonic wit to playfully explore possibilities, subliminally encouraging you to find the same sense of humour. You’ll almost feel comfort in the polyphonic promise that we’re all going to die.

With the same satirically enamouring style as John Grant, Childcare and Mother Mother, True Being did exactly what he set out to do with his latest release, ‘Wrong Love Song’; share a little eccentric love on the airwaves.

Listen to Wrong Love Song on Spotify and SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Ares Adamidis – Black Flower: Entrancing Indietronica

Here to prove that drummers can write music is 20-year-old instrumentalist Ares Adamidis with his album, ‘Yellow’. The lead single, ‘Black Flower’, is a spacey electronic indie garage rock testament of Ares’ playful, unpretentious explorative style which bears not even a fraction of assimilation.

With hints of 00s indie with 00s pop-punk weaved into the futuristic soundscape that throws even further back to the golden age of post-punk, it doesn’t matter how many obscurities Ares threw at Black Flower, the swathes of nostalgia swallow you; while nothing in the bright and punchy mix feels stale.

His aural distinction is one thing, the energy he brings both vocally and instrumentally is quite another. You can expect the same level of energy in the most anthemic tracks by The Vaccines.

Black Flower is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

One Day I’ll Be Fine: Sleepy Soul show us that deep rooted feeling that can’t speak yet on ‘Self’

After having our curious minds in a ”Hazy” state of utter adulation back in 2020, Sleepy Soul return with another absolute gem of the highest standard, with the story of finding your way in this lonely world called ”Self”, which will have you in a thoughtful gaze.

The groovy St. Louis/Minneapolis bedroom pop duo, Sleepy Soul, make that soothing indie pop synth-infused that has been carefully created with love by Nick Hummel and Michael LeFevre.

”Deeply introspective, “Self” reflects on the loneliness and insecurity that accompanies the experience of being in their mid-twenties. An amalgamation of indie pop melodies, bedroom beats, dreamy synths, and dulcet vocals with an accent of lo-fi and jazz.” – Sleepy Soul

With a crystal clean tone and a highly likable energy throughout, you feel like you are welcomed with opened arms on this marvelous single. The vocals are honest and true, the guitar and synth mixture is such a wonderful combination and you feel like you have been down this road before in your life.

Self” from the awesome St. Louis/Minneapolis bedroom pop act Sleepy Soul, is a dreamy experience that puts you in the right frame of mind to look beyond what you see, so you may find the right path and never doubt yourself again. This is a strange world so feeling some insecurities is natural, as you look into the mirror and work out who you really want to be.

Check out this incredibly well-made music video on YouTube and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

The future of indietronica is here with Krane Alis’ latest single ‘3 GODS WE KNOW’

Indietronica fans will want to pay serious attention to the rhythmically commanding latest release, ‘3 GODS WE KNOW’ from up and coming artist, Krane Alis.

By dipping into a myriad of genre pools with their subversive synth-driven, 80s-inclined sound, Krane Alis brought individuality to the airwaves, seemingly with ease. The major distinction radiates from her warmly enigmatic vocals which pay ode to retro-style dance pop while projecting you far into the future of indie dance pop.

The Bay Area solo artist takes inspiration from everyone from The Talking Heads to Blondie to Hot Chip and Daft Punk. Her eclectic aural affinities ensured that the debut album which is set to follow 3 GODS WE KNOW will be one that you definitely won’t want to miss out on.

3 GODS WE KNOW is now available to stream via SoundCloud and Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Embark on a spiritual journey with Makichi’s indie-electro psych album ‘The Rain Stopped’.

‘The Rain Stopped’ is the latest album released by Strasbourg-residing Iranian duo, Makichi. Their mystically experimental 10-track take on indietronica incorporates the work of Iranian poets, pulls the soul out of Persian rhythm and manifests through darkly psychotropic melodies.

The album kicks off with a semi-spoken-word piece that sets the evocative tone and prepares you for what’s to come from the border and a boundary-obliterating release that explores the duo’s experience living in and moving from Iran. But The Rain Stopped is just so much more than an account of experience. The concept album acts as a guide toward enlightenment and redemption; follow the ambient grooves, you’ll find it.

‘Wrong Humans’ follows the prelude with bass-riding indietronica beats which melodically shatter the monocultural mould beneath the overlapping dual vocals. Despite the diversity between the singles on the release, Instrumentalist and producer Ash made it practically impossible to pick out reference to other artists. Their artistic vision looks far beyond the usual fusing, reviving and recycling of former and current artists work. The album is an invitation to find piety, despite religion, despite nationality. Whatever corner of the globe you currently find yourself on, whatever the state of your faith, The Rain Stopped has something to offer everyone.

The Rain Stopped officially released on March 4th, 2021. It is now available to stream via Spotify.

Connect with Makichi via Facebook and Instagram.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Slip into the choral indietronica tones in Seven Layer Piano Cakes’ latest release ‘Patriarch’

With the evocative sensibilities of Thrice, the harmoniously enrapturing pull of The Beach Boys and the neo-psych dreampop inclinations of Beach House, ‘Patriarch’, the title single from Seven Layer Piano Cakes’ EP was never going to fall flat.

We’ve all had plenty more time to get in touch with our emotions recently, Patriarch will ensure that it is time well spent as it acts as an efficacious dreampop guide to meditative affable reflection. With the lyrical sparsity, there are plenty of opportunities to sit back and drink in the choral indietronica tones with a sense of optimism instilled by the harmoniously layered instantly enamouring feat of pop.

Seven Layer Piano Cakes is the project of LA law professor and attorney, Justin Hoyt. With his eclectic array of influences and his aptitude with atypical chord progressions and consoling vocal charisma, there’s very little getting in his way as a breaking artist. Get him on your radar.

Patriarch is available to stream via YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Illinois duo Sleepy Soul deliver an underrated masterpiece with ‘’Hazy’’

Sometimes a song just really inspires you and takes you to that happy place. You know what I’m talking about. Have you had this experience lately? 

After releasing their popular breakout indietronica track and fantastic music video directed by Dustie Carter- ‘’Still Can’t Dance’’- ‘Sleepy Soul’ are back with an absolute masterpiece with 2nd single ‘’Hazy’’, a track that reminds me of my love affair with Philadelphia band, Dr Dog.

With their debut EP due on 12th May 2020, the talented duo are quietly making a mark all over the world at a rapid rate. ‘Sleepy Soul’ is a collaboration between Nick Hummel and Michael LeFevre. Their  their mix of indie, soul and dance with a layer of candy coated goodness is a treat to the ears.

‘’Hazy’’ is the follow up to the smooth and steady ‘’Uncool’’ single featuring the incredible Lily Ibur. The song gets it right with the consistent delivery and it’s one of my favorite tracks by far in 2020. The indietronica coming out of the ‘Sleepy Soul’ boys is very impressive and let’s hope this high standard continues and that a world tour is on the cards very soon.

Hear more of Sleepy Soul on Spotify to give yourself a boost in the soul department.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen