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Lolita Terrorist Sounds – Mind the Gap: A Devilishly Arcane Avant-Garde Post-Punk Reverie

Lolita Terrorist Sounds, the Berlin-based avant-garde ensemble, ensnared once again with their latest single, Mind the Gap, which pulls you into the audacious heart of Berlin’s artistic underbelly.

Fronted by the enigmatic Maurizio Vitale, the band continues to smash aural archetypes with devil-may-care panache by blending provocative themes with ground-breaking sounds. Mind the Gap is a vivid reflection of this ethos. The single, an aural equivalent of arthouse cinema, swaggers through the debauched realms of Avant-Garde post-punk with a Lynchian flair. It’s a track that doesn’t just play; it prowls and gyrates, consuming the listener in its dark, hypnotic embrace.

It’s a journey beyond the tourist traps of Berlin, delving deep into the city’s hedonistic cultural epicentre. The track’s spoken word vocals demand you escape from banality as they wind around dark psych guitars and tribal percussion. The juxtaposing pianos add a cinematic touch, elevating the track to a realm of high art while never eroding the brooding experimentalism.

The invitation to lose oneself in a devilishly arcane reverie drips with artistic liberation, tearing listeners from the trap of mundanity. Lolita Terrorist Sounds, with their rich history of collaborations and innovative projects like Lolita Kitchen Sounds, continues to push boundaries. Their trajectory from Shaved Girl to Prison Song and now to Mind the Gap showcases a band not just at their creative zenith but as torchbearers of a genre that refuses to be defined.

Stream the official music video for Mind the Gap on YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Slip into the hypersonic vortex of Peach Giraffe’s latest experimental track, Intertwined

Peach Giraffe’s new single, “Intertwined,” is a masterful blend of skate punk, hyper-pop, trap nuances, and a touch of Arcade Fire, creating a vortexical kaleidoscope of avant-garde electronica. The grungy and antagonised vocal lines sink into this eclectic mix, stitching “Intertwined” with a mind-altering amalgam of aural aesthetics.

This daring combination cements Peach Giraffe as one of the most bold, indomitable, and fearlessly innovative artists in the alternative music scene. As genre lines blur in “Intertwined,” Peach Giraffe’s commitment to sonically visualising emotional themes shines through. The single is a lyrically poetic exposition of a relationship where distance doesn’t necessitate disconnection, despite the ambiguous parameters that could easily send the mind into a spiral with too much contemplation.

Peach Giraffe’s approach to music is an unforced journey of experimentation, spanning over a decade. His process involves piecing together a puzzle of sounds and ideas, driven not by genre constraints but by spontaneous inspiration. “Intertwined” is a testament to this organic and free-flowing approach to music creation. It’s a track that doesn’t just fit into the alternative music scene; it stands out as a bold statement of Peach Giraffe’s unique and unbridled creativity.

Intertwined reached the airwaves on March 10; stream the official music video on YouTube now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

3G Internet – KRASH: An Anti-Pop Alt-Hip-Hop Debut to Lose Your Head To

3G Internet, the Experimental Hip Hop/Anti-Pop duo from Northeast Ohio, literally crashed into the music scene with ‘KRASH’, a track from their debut EP that defies convention with maximum conviction.

KRASH is a 7-minute audacious trip that rips up the rules and scatters the ashes of mundanity through the harsh tonal hues that pay an ode to the legacy of Death Grips and JPEGMAFIA. It’s a chaotic blend of gritty, glitchy electronic distortions and 8-bit landscapes, that makes no apology for launching an assault on the senses.

It’s a whirlwind of ideas, each vying for attention, yet somehow harmoniously coexisting. The duo’s disregard for industry norms is evident in every beat, every synth, and every lyric. In short, KRASH is a  ballad of the bizarre.

The duo’s approach to music is refreshingly honest. They pursue every idea, no matter how outlandish, and the result is a track that’s as authentic as it is avant-garde. In a world where music often feels manufactured and soulless, KRASH is a breath of caustically fresh air.

The debut EP is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Orizon made his disconcertingly disquiet debut with his avant-garde genre-evasion, WORMNO.1

Orizon’s debut single ‘WORMNO.1’ is a bold, genre-defying escapade that challenges the very fabric of musical norms. This avant-garde piece is a manifesto of Orizon’s unbridled creativity and audacious vision. From the outset, ‘WORMNO.1’ captivates with a cascade of keys, reminiscent of the haunting tones of the ‘Clockwork Orange’ soundtrack. It’s a journey that begins in classical territory but quickly diverges into a realm where hip-hop beats and neo-classical elements coalesce into something entirely new. Orizon’s dark, mantra-like vocals serve as a grounding force amidst the chaos, offering a comforting anchor in this storm of sound.

Listening to ‘WORMNO.1’ is akin to imagining Glenn Branca’s ‘The Ascension’ reimagined with a hip-hop heartbeat. The track is a testament to Orizon’s ability to bend genres to his will, creating a soundscape that is as disquieting as it is mesmerising. The juxtaposition of classical serenity and hip-hop’s raw energy creates a disarming effect, reflecting the tumultuous nature of human emotions and relationships.

Orizon’s debut album, ‘RADIO (INPINK)’, promises to be a journey through love’s many stages, with ‘WORMNO.1’ setting the tone for this exploration through a blend of anarchy, sophistication, and a touch of synth supervillainy.

In ‘WORMNO.1’, Orizon laid down the gauntlet for the future of music. It’s a bold statement from an artist unafraid to venture into uncharted territories. As the final notes fade, one thing is clear: Orizon is not just here to play music; he’s here to change the game.

WORMNO.1 was officially released on the 2nd of January; stream the track on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Shashaa Tirupati turned off the gaslight anthem and played her own indietronica masterpiece, ‘All About You’

Shashaa Tirupati has unveiled an installation of hypnotic indietronica that instantaneously seduces you into its gravity.  In the same way a narcissist’s magnetism is irresistible, the world-renowned singer-songwriter pulls you into her artfully beguiling exposition of the sanity-smothering experience of dealing with narcissism after being lured in by a gaslighting lothario.

Shashaa Tirupati’s aura in All About You is intoxicating in the same vein as Warpaint, Still Corners, and Widowspeak. Every vocal harmony and instrumental melody finds a new facet of your soul to stir as the demure vocal performance fights fire with avant-garde glamour.

The artist’s journey, from a multilingual playback singer to an independent music maven, is reflected in the intricate layers of this track. Trained in various Hindustani classical styles and proficient in over a dozen languages, Shashaa’s musical prowess is evident in every note. After following her passion, she broke into the industry under the mentorship of the legendary A. R. Rahman. This collaboration marked the beginning of a series of successful projects, including the National Film Award-winning “Vaan” from ‘Kaatru Veliyidai’.

All About You is a reflection of Shashaa Tirupati’s artistic evolution and her commitment to exploring new musical territories. With her roots in classical music and wings in the indie scene, Shashaa stands out as a multifaceted artist, continually pushing the boundaries of her craft. This track is a clear indication that her journey in music is one of constant innovation and heartfelt expression. With 9 million monthly fans on Spotify backing her, she’s an unreckonable force in the music industry.

All About You was officially released on January 19; stream the single on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Slip into a chorally Lynchian delirium with Milk Bar Gang’s latest orchestration, The Accident

Hitting play on the latest single, The Accident, from Milk Bar Gang, you’d be forgiven for thinking you’ve slipped into a chorally Lynchian delirium as you allow the cultivated hazy dream pop tones to wash over you, submerging you in ethereal Avant-Garde surrealism.

The song’s sonic landscape is a complex tapestry, weaving together elements of Shoegaze’s choral dreaminess and the experimental edge reminiscent of Glenn Branca while the incorporation of jazzy rhythms and darkwave elements contribute to its rich and diverse texture.

Lyrically and thematically, The Accident delves into profound concepts. It reflects on the uncontrollable circumstances of birth and the ensuing struggle against oppression, as well as the emergence of resistance. This philosophical depth is matched by the music’s atmospheric synths and sharp guitar riffs, underlined by a rhythm section that couldn’t be further from archetypal. The unsettling melodies and chord progressions further enhance its impact, creating a sound that is simultaneously bleak and beautiful.

Recorded at home and refined by professionals in Melbourne, the single is a testament to Milk Bar Gang’s commitment to their craft. The band, formed in 2021 by Felix Chapple and Bianca Cao, brings a diverse range of influences and experiences. Chapple’s history with various Melbourne bands and musicians, combined with Cao’s background in dance and visual art from Beijing, contribute to the unique identity of Milk Bar Gang. If this is how they chose to end 2023, we’re aching to hear the artfully cohesive orchestrations that are lurking in the pipelines.

The Accident will debut on New Year’s Eve; hear it on SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Bear witness to the Avant-Garde finesse in Sairen’s Branca-esque post-rock instrumental score, Délivrance

The post-rock artist and composer, Sairen, created the embodiment of cinematic tension in his seminal instrumental score, Délivrance. This seven-minute piece flourishes distinctive avant-garde flair, marking it as a standout creation in the realm of modern instrumental music.

The track’s progression is a journey through the artist’s intricate vision, characterised by eloquently moody tones and a sophisticated use of musical elements. Sairen’s expertise in blending diverse musical influences is evident here. From the harbingering guitars that siren through the track to the tenaciously placed cymbal crashes, each element is carefully crafted to contribute to the overall narrative of the piece.

One of the most striking features of “Délivrance” is the introduction of chamber strings, which seamlessly complement the sonic spectacle of the crescendos. This inclusion not only enhances the track’s emotional depth but also showcases Sairen’s ability to fuse classical sensibilities with modern post-rock aesthetics.

The middle-eight of the track is particularly noteworthy. Centred around the motif of a ticking clock, it builds a palpable sense of drama, leading to a break into an arcanely all-consuming sequence that can only be described as filmic ingenuity. This segment demonstrates a touch of Glenn Branca in its composition, highlighting Sairen’s skill in creating complex, layered soundscapes.

Sairen’s background, with his early introduction to music and his affinity for baroque, romantic, dark metal, and post-rock, shines through in this creation. He bridges these seemingly opposite genres, crafting a unique sound that is both haunting and enchanting.

Délivrance was officially released on November 7th; stream it on SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Have a very chamber pop Christmas with Beware of Trains’ melancholy score, Forever Home

Beware of Trains stepped out of an anachronistic music box and onto the airwaves to share the histrionically ornate single, Forever Home, which carries all the glamour of the West End and all the alternative allure of the Legendary Pink Dots and Jason Webley.

The chamber pop orchestration unravels as a snow-capped fairy tale of a festive single; the all-bells and no whistles production takes the ordinary Christmas single and enchants it to the nth degree.

The origin of the single stems back to 2019 when Beware of Trains performed ‘A Kitmas Concert’ at Bradford Cathedral with members of Opera North to raise funds for Allerton Cat Rescue. Inspired by the charity’s slogan, ‘Helping cats and kittens find their furever home’, songwriter, Leighton Jones wanted to explore the sense of longing and belonging conjured by the phrase. If there’s any time of the year when the need to belong reaches its wistful peak, it is the festive holidays. If you can relate, prepare for the scintillating resonance and grab a few tissues. It hits harder than the end of Raymond Brigg’s symphonic poem, the Snowman.

In their own words:

“Forever Home is a symphonic festive tale that transports us into a snow globe and whisks us away through snowy Yorkshire fields and skies, revelling in the nostalgic sense of homecoming the festive season brings. But the song is also tinged with bittersweet melancholy, reflecting on the passing years and sadness of saying goodbye to the people and places we love and hold dear.”

Forever Home was officially released on November 24th; stream it on SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Jessamine Barham exhumed a ‘Shallow Grave’ to speak on the violent oppression of women in her latest single.

Jessamine Barham released her most striking single to date when she read the harrowing tale in her latest single, Shallow Grave. The haunting vocal harmonies atop the staccato acoustic guitar strings and as the centrefold within the quiescent orchestral swells of chamber pop strings brought the solemnity within Shallow Grave to spectral life in a way that assures us that even though Jessamine Barham’s dark pop stylings are niche, her talents of a sonic narrator of feminine tragedy should never be underestimated.

The days of the Salem witch trials and being sectioned with hysteria may be behind us, but the violent oppression of women will always be a tale as old as time. It was no feat of hyperbole to lyrically infer that feminine acts of rebellion can incur the death penalty. Some may say hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, but life hath no tyranny like the men determined to keep us chastised.

Shallow Grave was officially released on September 24; stream it on YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Roo Elizabeth – Ready to Die: A Dream Pop Redemption Story

Etherealism drifts through the latest avant-garde dream-pop installation, Ready to Die, from the Irish artist, songwriter, and fledging producer, Roo Elizabeth who has been taking the live circuit by storm after opening for Wyvern Lingo and Mary Coughlan and appearing on the bill at Electric Picnic and Forest Fest.

With a soundscape that bridges the gap between the melancholic intimacy of Bill Ryder-Jones, the hazy production techniques of Cigarettes After Sex, and the artful expression of Kate Bush in her The Kick Inside era, Roo Elizabeth gave her sophomore single a timelessly beguiling nocturnal quality, perfect for slipping into when you want to relish in introverted introspection.

The track title may appear macabre but the sonic experience itself couldn’t be more tender in its advocation for sanctity, acceptance, and authenticity. By illustrating the beauty of tragedy, in the same vein as Cultdreams, Roo Elizabeth rendered one of the most affirmingly inspirational singles of 2023.

In her own words:

‘READY TO DIE’ is about radical love. It’s about fighting for your own joy. Like a lot of others, I have grown up surrounded by addiction. It buries the spark in the people we love. This song is about cutting the ties of self-sabotage and rising to meet yourself in your own authenticity.

Ready to Die is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast