The Bow sing about the painful memory of heartbreak on ‘Desire’

The Bow sing about the painful memory of heartbreak on ‘Desire‘ and they are so poignant on their new Indie Pop single with meaning.

The Bow are a new band consisting of members of TAOF (The Art of Fusion). They are a quality outfit and this is a marvelous song to boost our souls in 2020. With a mellow outlook, this is exactly the healing type of song that makes a difference.

You loved each other so much but sadly things ended. This is the way things are and you can’t stand it. There are good days and bad days, the love was so strong and then it ended. You will recover and this was been a good life lesson.

Desire‘ from The Bow is a Pop track for the ages and you can feel the quality here. The vocals are softly delivered but with meaning and this is a new track from deep down in the soul. This is a new band that are just starting out but with songs like this, we will be hearing lots about this fine act.

Click here for the Soundcloud page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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