David Blaxk Releases Debut Album “In The Beginning CHAPTER 1”

The 9th of April, 2018 witnessed London born music artist David Blaxk officially release his debut album tilted In The Beginning Chapter One.

The 22 year old who’s been creating music for a while now chose to unveil his musical prowess to the music world with the beautiful songs from this Album.

The music genius is noted to have kicked off performing musically at the young age of five. He’s noted to have written his first ever song at the age of twelve.

Being raised by Ghanaian parents, he was brought up listening to the native music of the Ghanaian people known as highlife. He was also brought up listening to jazz music and the evergreen records of the late Pop King Michael Jackson.

David Blaxk’s deep passion for music coupled with the classics he listened to while growing up spurred him into taking up a career in music.

With a mind set on taking over the world of music as a teenager, David Blaxk launched out professionally but was side tracked at the age of 18 owing to the need to focus on providing for the financial needs of his family.

The storyline of his well crafted Album In The Beginning Chapter One clocking about just over 18 minutes, stems from his experience of moving about London hustling and having to dealing with loved ones and fake friends.

Broadway: The first song on the Album Broadway has David Blaxk reminiscing on his struggles to survive through hard times. Grinding hard to earn a living. The song starts with the lyrics “On the Broadway really tryna live. So I gotta get around and get my own plate.” This track also has Blaxk reminiscing on his past experience of dealing with an unfaithful partner. Listening to David Blaxk’s smooth voice on this mesmerising trap beat offers you all the groove a good RnB song should never lack.

James Dean: David Blaxk uses a lot of similes in his music and on this track he likens the situation with his girlfriend with the experience late Hollywood movie star James Dean also had with his girlfriend. On this track, Blaxk sings about a deceptive lover who he’s fed up with. His love for her is sincere and he’s willing to place the world at her feet, but she isn’t faithful to him. She’s vain and cares above anything to look pleasant in the eyes of other guys who she secretly sees. Blaxk is fed up with this and tells her he’s no longer interested in the relationship.

Paulo Dybala: Paulo Dybala is a 3:07 track where David Blaxk also brings to light the deceptive nature of human folks. On the track, he raps about a fellow artist who he introduced to his producers. The said artist goes behind his back and talks ill about him. Blaxk compares the stinky attitude of this friend of his to that of a snake.

He further raps about how fake friends don’t want to see him achieve success in his endeavors “They don’t wanna see me blow, but they’re here tryna ride my tail.” On this track Blaxk draws a similarity between popular Juventus striker Paulo Dybala and himself in terms of success. “Got a future like Paul Dybala” he repeatedly mentions.

Let Me: This track has David Blaxk singing beautifully about dark moments where one’s heart is terribly broken by a lover. The song highlights the state of feeling lost and confused in the world and having no idea where your future is headed. The song contains such lyrics as “I’m on the way to the coast on a pill overdose. You showed me who you love no there’s no room for us.” Lyrics that highlight a sad state of mind where he even contemplates suicide.

In My Zone: The perfect closing. David Blaxk signs off by informing listeners that regardless of all the adversity he has faced in life, he’s stronger than ever. He has finally found his zone and purpose, and can’t be held back from excelling by anything or anyone.

This is not your average conscious album. David Blaxk takes us on a journey most folks can relate to, and he does it on great instrumentals you can easily vibe to. The is the sort of Album you could listen to from start to finish and never get bored. In The Beginning Chapter One by David Blaxk is now available on iTunes and Spotify. You could also follow him on all his social media accounts to stay updated on new music releases and shows relating to this phenomenal artist.

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