Dario Margeli – Suffering Is Optional: Filled with pure energy and a contagious rhythm

Synth-Pop and Indie combine to create the single ‘’Suffering Is Optional’ by the US-based artist Dario Margeli. It’s definitely one that gives off this array of happiness.

Since releasing music in 2011, he’s still continuing to thrive and make music that is still relevant today by embarking on a journey to modify his unique Synth-Pop sound. From starting his musical endeavours nine years ago to still creating music now, his sound is more revised and shows a lot of growth.

With the powerful melody of the trumpet, the soft drum beats and the combination of both electronic and acoustic guitars it’s pretty impressive as well as adding in Dario’s low-pitch optimistic vocals. Suffering Is Optional is a superb piece of music and one that is a hit in itself.

There’s something about this track that really pulls you in and gets you hooked within the first few seconds, as soon as you listen you instantly feel good and it gives off this infectious feel-good high energy which is definitely one reason why it needs to be added to your playlist.

Be sure to check out Suffering Is Optional by Dario Margeli by heading over to Spotify now.


Review by Karley Myall

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