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Island Empire has created the ultimate aural paradox with their upliftingly sedative single “Air Sea Rescue”

Island Empire is an Indie Alternative Electronica duo who borrow elements of 80s Synthwave and Dreampop. But they definitely aren’t a band who can be defined by their influences.

Instead, their sound would be better understood if I alluded to their music by telling you that they created an aural paradox of uplifting sedative music. Especially with their recently released poised and polished single “Air Sea Rescue”.

The London-based artist has successfully dragged Dreampop into the realms of the accessible with” Air Sea Rescue”. The single may be warm and concordant, but there’s also an ample amount of moody gloom lingering between the notes giving the track an incredibly atmospheric feel.

You can check out Island Empire’s single Air Sea Rescue for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Van Den Dries has dropped their latest Acid House Floor Filler “HOT FACE”

With elements of Hardstyle, Synthpop, Acid House, and Ambient EDM laced into the latest drop “HOT FACE” from up and coming artist and producer, you’re treated to a feat of euphoric alchemy like no other.

Finding discernible distinction in EDM isn’t an enviable task. Yet when hitting play on tracks such as HOT FACE you’re generously rewarded with shimmering beats which allow you to taste the ecstasy it was created from.

Even though there are brief glimpses of nostalgia within the soundscape, it still resonates as contemporary thanks to the unbridled curve-creating ingenuity which is more than tangible in the deftly executed mix.

You can check out the official music video to Van Des Dries latest single HOT FACE by heading over to YouTube now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Malmo – Bladerunner Memories (Klaas Remix): EDM Futurism meets Synthy Sci-Fi Nostalgia.

Bergen, Norway-based artist Malmo has recently dropped the Klaas Remix of their infectiously popular ambiently compelling track “Bladerunner Memories”. Klaas weaved brand-new energy into Malmo’s usual futuristically mesmeric soundscapes which share plenty of the same synthy immersive aural alchemy as the original soundtrack.

The highly danceable, slightly apocalyptic mix makes the drops even more arrestive when they hit as an impressive amount of euphoria spills from the progressions. If you’re always on the lookout for ahead of the curve EDM hits which also allow you to revel in Sci-Fi-Esque nostalgia, look no further than this high-octane remix which stands as a testament to both Malmo and Klaas.

You can check out Klaas’ Remix of Bladerunner Memories for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Purple Corporation – We Can No Longer Take It: The Synth Track Which Would Definitely Get Attenborough’s Approval

I’ve finally found a track which exudes as much existential fear as I do on a daily basis. Chicago-based artist Purple Corporation has offered an incredibly unique sense of catharsis with their latest single “We Can No Longer Take It”. Sure, there are already plenty of climate change protest songs on the airwaves, but Bono and Sting can take a backseat for this incredibly endearing track.

The lyrics may allude to the fact that the planet is suffocating on corporate greed and that will inevitably make the planet inhabitable for us and every other creature which is unlucky to share it with us. But with such a heavy sentiment sat against a playfully quaint soundscape, you’re left sobered, yet somehow simultaneously uplifted. You have to applaud Purple Corporation on creating a track which eases the mental burden which comes from knowing that your own species is raping the planet and acts as a call to action through robotically sonic synths and vibrant keyboard melodies.

You can check out Purple Corporation’s latest single We Can No Longer Take It for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


The Westernauts took Western Rock a Sonic New Plateau with their Standout Single “Gunfighter”

Hitting play on any track from The Westernauts is like stepping into a TARDIS and being ricocheted back in time. Well, it would be if the Austin Texas based artist left the synths out of their archaically inviting Rock sound – but let’s face it, the aural cocktail of futuristic elements with roots of the past is always going to be slightly intoxicating.

Their debut 2019 album “Enigmatic Future” features 10 sonorously striking singles, but Gunfighter serves as the perfect introduction to the style of The Westernauts. The single possesses the same galloping rhythms as you would expect from the Western Rock sound. While that would ordinarily be enough to lead you through a track archetypal to this genre, you’re also treated to lush sonic waves of synth. Someone might want to tell the Arctic Monkeys that this is how you fuse electronica into Rock.

You can check out Gunfighter along with the rest of the latest album from The Westernauts for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Feral Spells – Pocalypse Bummin: The Experimental Rapture of Off-the-Wall Synths

I have no doubt that when Feral Spells composed their single Pocaypse Bummin from their latest album ‘Raging Parties in Desolate Places’ they wanted to create a truly confusing yet simultaneously inventive sound.

Whilst the incredibly polyphonic prelude has you wondering if you’re about to become aural witness to a track composed by Fisher Price toys. By the time the track picks up in momentum and you hit the bridge you find yourself in a friendly, if not a little bit of a strange mix. As much as I appreciate experimentalism, the amount of digital effects thrown in there served as quite the distraction from the talent that Feral Spells audibly has.  If you can bring your attention to the happy Pop melodies and the heavy throbs of the muddy guitar there is so much to appreciate about Pocalypse Bummin.

As a concept album Raging Parties in Desolate Places makes perfect sense; it’s a smorgasbord of love-fuelled happy vibes which would make any cynic smile. After listening to the album in its entirety Feral Spells starts to make a little more sense and his ingenuity is unquestionable. There are few artists who can weave euphoria out of such an un-archetypal sound.

You can stream or download Feral Spells’ latest single Pocalypse Bummin out for yourselves by heading over to BandCamp.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


SuperSymmetric Release Mesmerising Synthpop Track “Dawn”

SuperSymmetric is a project with a very signature dark synthpop sound that is inimitable and unique. This sound is literally nothing like you’ve ever heard before and apart from being very artistically well crafted it is also polished to perfection. Their most recent track “Dawn” is in fact taken from the EP with the same title and is part of something bigger and greater that allows this authentic style to be communicated even further.

“Dawn” starts off with pulsating and swelling synth sounds together with a steady beat that set up the rich intricately textured backdrop in preparation for what’s to come next. A few seconds later, the sonorities get even richer with smooth vocal melodies in combination with some interesting harmonic changes. Later on in the song there is also a brief break followed by even more changes in texture and developmental content. Overall there is something quite dark about the sound of this song but that added element of mystery adds a lot of depth to its character and makes it even more intriguing. The way all the synth sounds, digital elements and vocal lines come together creates something truly unique and one of a kind. Definitely worth checking it out!

-Sarah Marie Bugeja


Kuzo – Mirage: Sunset Vibes, A Postcard from LA

Kuzo is possibly the freshest act on the Electro Pop scene today. The LA based duo are currently hitting up the underground with their euphoric minimalist beats & pensive lyrical style. Their latest track Mirage follows a seamless progression that you’d be all too happy to listen to as you drive into the sunset. The vibrant beats have a transcendent quality behind them, with poignant lyrical layers for your mind to unravel as you get lost in the music. It’s the perfect mix of downtempo and trance to create music that will motivate even the most melancholic of people to dance. Fans of LCD Sound System, M83, and London Grammar are highly recommended to check out this track.

It’s almost impossible not to be moved by the duo’s impeccable first class sound infused with their striking sleek and sultry image. Electro fans are insatiable for their sound which they have finetuned since their earlier debut hits. With mirage they’ve undoubtedly made their anthem, it’s ridiculously catchy, and comes with the demand that you don’t just listen to the track once.

Check out Kuzo’s latest hit Mirage via the SoundCloud link below:


Alain Bonus – Hit My Phone: Good Vibes Only.

Alain Bonus is a Trap, Melodic Hip Hop mastermind currently residing in Newport Beach, California, US. This ground breaking underground artist definitely won’t be a fixture in LA’s underground rhythm & blues scene. He gets to boast undeniable charisma along with his enviable skills as a singer, song writer and record producer.

All of his deft talents combined produced one hell of a hit with Hit My Phone. It’s packed with the traditional keyboard analogue synth effects that make this Trap track come to life amidst the sonorous guitar strumming. The inspirational new artist infuses his music with upbeat messages to inspire the next generation of Trap lovers. It’s a far cry from all of the bitter contempt that’s normally flowing around the Trap scene. Instead of falling into the slightly cheesy end of the genre, he uses his charisma to dominate the tracks with admirable lyrical ability.

Bonus released his new track Hit My Phone was released earlier Nov’ 17 and it’s no wonder that it’s going down as an international storm.

Check out Alain’s new track Hit My Phone on the Soundcloud link below!


Accidental Allies Create The Perfect Union With Adorable Fever

What you really think Accidental Allies are all about depends upon which thread you pick at first. Start one end and they are a synth-pop act doing a spot of avant gardening, start somewhere else and they are an acoustic act building electronic platforms underneath deft, classical guitar lines. Others might think of them more as a dance band heading off into more progressive territory, or a soul band having embraced a futuristic vision of what the genre might become.

The reality is that they are all of those things or none of them, they might be a wide-ranging eclectic mix or a very singular roadmap towards their own musical destination. Not that it really matters, it is only when you try to write things down, to turn music into words that you come up against the limitations of language. Until they invent the right words to properly describe what is going on here you will just have to access their world via your ears and imagination. It is a world of interesting musical choices, mercurial stylistic blends, genre hopping and genre splicing, why would you try to capture that in word form?